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How to Clean a Idle Air Control on A Toyota Camry

Looking after your Toyota Camry in Perth means more than just giving it a quick wipe with a sponge every few months, especially if you’re hoping to save yourself from some large service bills at the garage. There are a number of quick cleans and fixes you can do yourself to prolong the wellbeing of your car, and cleaning the IAC – or Idle Air Control – valve is just one of these.

In this short, homemade video, you’ll see how easy it is to save yourself some money by giving the IAC valve a clean for yourself. Typically, an IAC valve needs cleaned once every three years, and you’ll be able to tell there’s a problem because the car will keep stalling when cold, and only start when the accelerator is depressed and the engine warms up.

The process is demonstrated on a 1999 Toyota Camry with the 3.0 litre V6 (1MZ-FE) engine and you can easily see everything the presenter does to clean the valve in a few simple steps. Rather than replace the valve, it is possible to give it a wash with a shot of carburettor cleaner into the hole, which removes blockages and helps the valve function the way it’s supposed to.

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